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At Tax Store North Ryde, we are particularly proud of the skills and experience our partners bring to our engagements. Through our resources, we offer our SME and corporate clients cutting edge business competence and industry specific advice they deserve.

Executive consultant and practice leader in the Management consultancy area with 15 years of experience in his field. Experience working with clients in numerous industries including financial services and local government. Recognized thought leader in overseeing business operations and Financial performance while ensuring internal & external compliance are always adhered to.

Experienced consultant in the areas of financial management, governance and internal control for public and private sector. Over 13 years of experience working with large International banks and multinational oil and Gas companies. Rania is a qualified CPA partner who specialises in helping clients identify and leverage top tier business growth opportunities, develop Tax and business strategies. Her ability to question norms has resulted in the introduction of many breakthrough strategic projects, the benefits of which our clients continue to and will continue to reap for a long time to come.

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